So you’ve already checked out our college dorm list for 2021. Now what shouldn’t you bring to college? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

  • Printer – chances are there are dozens of printers around campus for you to use.
  • Vacuum cleaner – super loud an unnecessary.
  • Ironing board/iron – your clothes don’t need to look that good.
  • Coffeemaker or tea kettle or toaster – your dorm kitchen likely has one.
  • Candles – super big fire hazard. Likely banned in your dorm anyways.
  • Pots/pan/dishes – yes, you can bring some disposable dishes and silverware but anything more than that is overkill.
  • Your library – yes, reading is great but it is best to keep the book collection at home because you’re going to be short on space.
  • Out of season clothes – if it’s beach weather outside and you have a winter coat in your closest something has gone terribly wrong.
  • Expensive jewelry – chances are someone in your dorm doesn’t have a problem with stealing.
  • Car – most colleges ban freshman from having cars on campus. This isn’t a problem because things are typically within walking or biking distance of each other.
  • Furniture – chances are your dorm room already has it.

Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments below!